Welcome To Born2Chat

Welcome to our laid back, fun filled chat network. There's no need to sign up, just click one of our web based chat clients or connect via your own IRC client using irc.born2chat.com and port 6667. It's as easy as that, see you on chat!

Need any help? Email us at help@born2chat.com and provide the details of your issue.


Born2Chat News

We recently added SSL and IPv6 support to our network. To connect via either of these please enter the following details in your IRC client.  

Please note that using irc.born2chat.com with either IPv4/6 and with a normal/ SSL connection will work. However, we also have dedicated links which are as follows; IPv4 SSL - ssl.born2chat.com:+6697 IPv6 Non-SSL - ir6.born2chat.com:6667 IPv6 SSL - ir6.born2chat.com:+6697